Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our services or our company? Below lists the answers to some of the mostly asked questions. If you don’t find the answer to your questions here, please feel free to contact us by the contact form or email us directly, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Why do I need third-party quality control?

    Sometimes, the quality of overseas production is not as good as expected, which may lead to customer rejection or product recalls. Thus it is essential to have someone oversee the production to avoid defective goods being shipped. You may travel on your own, but it is costly and time-consuming; you may consider asking the supplier to do the job, but usually the job is not professionally done or the supplier is too close to the factory to disclose the true and complete findings to you. In summary, third-party quality control could be the best solution for overseas production, in addition to establishing your own QC team. How does it work?

  • How does it work?

    1. Customer sends us detailed order information
    2. Veriquality makes an offer for customer confirmation
    3. Upon customer confirmation, Veriquality contacts supplier/factory to fix the inspection date and arrangements
    4. On the scheduled date, qualified inspector visits factory to perform inspection or audit.
    5. A detailed and illustrated report sent to customer the next business day after inspection/audit.
    6. Customer decides whether to reject/release the shipment or request for rework.

  • Why should I choose Veriquality?

    1.Affordable costs: price start at US$180 per man-day
    2.Over 10 years of experience in quality control for non-food consumer products.
    3.Quick scheduling; response within 24 hours; formal reports sent the next day.
    4.We are flexible and try every possible way to meet customers’ needs
    5.Dedicated inspectors present in 30 cities of China and SA to serve you efficiently
    6.10+ years of proven records and 200+ happy customers

  • Where are you based and which areas do you cover?

    Our office is based in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province and our inspectors are present in 30 cities of China and also in South Asia to satisfy your needs at low costs. Please contact us for further information.

  • What is your guarantee?

    As a specialized provider of quality control services, Veriquality undertakes to exercise due care and skills in the performance of our services and will take liability where such skills and care is not exercised. When the shipment arrives at your destination and it is found that the quality is unacceptable and we fail to exercise due care and skills during inspection, we will make corresponding compensations for such failures. As an established practice of the inspection industry and adopted by most inspection companies, our compensation is based on the service fee we charge and the maximum compensation is 7 times of the inspection fees. Besides, our services shall in no circumstances relieve the supplier or the factory (who manufacture and charge for the goods) from their contractual liability to meet defined quality standards and deliver acceptable products.

  • How much does it cost?

    For inspection in China, our service fee is USD180 per man-day plus travel costs to be incurred. 1 man-day means 1 inspector works for one day and how many man-days would be needed for a specific inspection will be subject to your request and requirements, such as product complexity, quantities, number of items to be inspected, factory location, etc. However, if you have limited budget, you can always request a 1 man-day inspection and we will try our best to inspect as much as possible. For most major manufacturing areas in China, the travel costs would be just about US$30 in total.

  • Do you offer discount for frequent inspection requests?

    Yes, we do offer discounts if you have frequent inspection requests every month, please contact our account manager for further info.

  • What is your payment term?

    For occasional inspection requests, payment should be done within 5 business days upon receipt of PI. For frequent inspection requests, you will receive one summary invoice at the beginning of each month for the earlier month and payment should be done within 30 days upon receipt of the invoice. We can accept T/T and paypal payment.

  • When can I get the report?

    For inspections in China, the report will be sent the next business day after completing the inspection. Upon request, we may be able to send the report on the same day with no extra charge for urgent shipment.

  • Who will approve or reject the shipment?

    The inspection is performed according to the international standards as well as product specifications, your instructions and criteria. A fully detailed and illustrated report will be sent to you after inspection. Reviewing the report in details will allow you to decide whether to release or reject the shipment, or request for further rework until quality criteria are met. Sometimes, an inspection report with failure conclusion doesn’t necessarily mean that the batch is absolutely unacceptable based on the specific business circumstances, such as price, target client, contract term, etc, and vice versa. So we suggest the customer review the report in details and then make the decision.

  • How are defects classified?

    Critical: Any condition found which poses the possibility of causing injury or harm to, or otherwise endangering the life or safety of, the end user of the product or others in the immediate vicinity of its use. Major: Any condition found adversely affecting the product's marketability and sale-ability or adversely affecting its required form, fit, or function, and which is likely to result in the end user returning it to the source from which it was purchased for replacement or refund. Minor: Any condition found which while possibly less than desirable to the end user of the product, does not adversely affect its required marketability, sale-ability, form, fit, or function and is unlikely to result in its return to the source from which it was purchased.

  • Do you recommend manufacturers or provide sourcing services?

    As a third-party inspection company, we don’t recommend manufacturers and all information about our client’s vendors and factories is confidential and shall not be transmitted to any other party. We don’t provide sourcing services as it is not our strength to do it. We do what we are good at: quality control.

  • Where do I send the approved samples?

    It is the most convenient to send them directly to the factory, in a sealed package with your signature to our attention. In case you don’t want to send the samples to supplier or factory, you may also send samples to our office and we will forward them on our own. Please contact your account manager directly for our office address where you can send the samples.