Smart Solutions


Customer Success is our key metric. That is why we try every possible means to satisfy our customers’ needs and keep them happy. Multiple solutions are offered as follows to make your sourcing process easy and efficient.


  • PP Sample Evaluation

    Request the manufacturer to send the PP samples to Veriquality office for evaluation against your specifications before mass production in order to identify potential risks, structural failures or unconformities. It will save you time and costs.

  • Production Sample Collection

    Sometimes, it is not a wise idea to have the manufacturer to directly send the production samples to customers or labs for testing. They may just choose the best sample or a “special” one. Alternatively, our inspector can go to factory and randomly pick up samples from the whole lot.

  • Specification Development

    Preparation of comprehensive specifications ensures that all the parties involved in the production and quality control understand the client’s criteria and expectations, providing a clear guideline and avoiding any disputes or misunderstanding in the manufacturing process.

  • Factory Visit Companion

    Whether it is your first visit to factories or you need to resolve business issues with factories face in face, it is suggested to have someone who can speak both your language and Mandarin to provide travel support, answer quality issues and professionally assist during negotiation. This service will make your stay in China not only enjoyable but also fruitful.

  • Lab Testing Coordination

    We have an extensive network of partner testing laboratories. This, added to our product expertise and knowledge of testing standards, enables us to find you a reliable testing lab at competitive prices. Besides, we can also coordinate in the sample picking/shipment and communicate and assist in the testing process to avoid all the trivial things.

  • Quality Assurance Consulting & Training

    Continuous quality improvement is not something that can be achieved by inspections and testing alone. It is more like a comprehensive project which require continued and integrated efforts. With solid experience and knowledge, our QC experts will analyze the quality issues you face, identify the causes and provide a full package of measures and solutions for implementation. Besides that, we may also offer quality assurance trainings and provide guidelines for them to continuously improve manufacturing quality.

  • Translation of Technical Documents

    You may think it is not necessary, but it is in some cases. Sometimes, the manufacturer or supplier doesn’t have staff who are proficient in translating customer’s technical specifications into local language or simply lack of time or motive to do that. Thus, it is critical to have professional translators to localize these documents so that all people involved including management, sales, production managers, QC staff, etc. are fully informed and educated of customers’ requirements to avoid mistakes.