Where We Operate

Managed and supervised by our HQ office, our inspectors are stationed extensively in China, as well as in India, Bangladesh and Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia, particularly in major manufacturing regions. With nationwide presence, we are able to provide quality inspections and factory audits at low travel costs, even with a short notice from our clients. We also go wherever our clients have a quality problem to be addressed, even beyond our stay.



All inspectors are stationed at or near the main manufacturing areas of China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia. Every inspection and audit is prepared by a dedicated quality supervisor in our HQ office, who will prepare protocols according to the product, customer requirements and factory conditions. The local inspectors simply follow the prepared inspection protocols and call our quality supervisor for further instructions if needed. The same supervisor reviews the report drafted by the inspector in detail, making sure that all important points have been checked and properly reported.