The cost of each service is calculated based on the number of inspectors and days of inspection needed: we call it man-day, e.g. 1 man-day means 1 inspector working for 1 day. Most inspections require 1 man-day, but it can be varied depending on the product complexity, sample size to be inspected, number of items to be inspected, factory location as well as your special requirements, if any.


  • Inspections (per man-day)

    $160 + travel costs
  • First articles inspection, In-line inspection, Final random inspection, Defect sorting/removal, Production monitoring, Container loading supervision

  • Factory audits

  • Simple factory audit

    $220 + travel costs
  • Extensive factory audit

    $440 + travel costs
  • Social compliance audit

    $440 + travel costs
  • Pre-Audits for retailer-specific compliance

    $500 + travel costs
  • Lab testing commission

    $60 per project
  • Smart solutions

  • Please contact us to discuss the costs for PP sample evaluation, Production sample collection, Specification development, Factory visit companion, Quality assurance consulting & training, Translation of technical documents
  • Volume discounts

  • For frequent inspection requests, we may also offer some discounts based on the volume.
  • Notes

    • Travelling costs is charged based on the location of inspection. For most major manufacturing areas in China, the traveling costs would be just around USD30 per man-day.
    • No extra charge for Saturday inspection; but for Sunday or holiday inspection, man-day rate will be multiplied by 1.5.
    • Booking should be completed at least 2 business days prior to the service date.
    • Change or cancellation of service later than 10am of the day before the service date will be subject to certain fees.


  • Same-Day Report: $30 per report

    Draft report can be sent at no extra cost the same day of inspection upon request. Formal report issued on the same day (usually night) at $30 per report. This service is available for inspections in China only.

  • Late Change or Cancellation: $100

    Changes or cancellations of bookings can be made at no cost before the day prior to the service date; for changes and cancellations made before 6pm of the day before the service date, $100 plus travel cost if incurred will be charged for late notice.

  • Collection of Samples: Free of Charge

    Our inspectors can collect samples of your products during our service and send to your designated address via your courier account. Independent service of sample collection will incur $100 + travel costs per visit.

  • Sunday & Holidays: $90 per man-day

    We are flexible yet need to share additional costs with you if you need the inspection to be performed during official local holidays or Sunday (Friday in Bangladesh). FYI, in China, working during official holidays is possible when employees get paid 3 times their normal salary.

  • Overtime work at night: $35 per hour + hotel costs if needed

    When you need the inspector to stay after 5:3pm at the site to wait for late production or supervise later container loading, etc., $35 per hour plus hotel cost if needed will be additionally charged. We will inform you of the special situations so as to get your approval for overtime work.


We accept payment through PayPal, Western Union and T/T (Telegraphic Transfer).