Factory Audits


A good partner can make your business easier while an unaccountable one may bring headache and disaster. Regardless what the vendor tells you, an essential step to start is to get your validated first-hand report. While you just need some basic information to avoid scams or ensure factory-only deals, or you want to get deep into the manufacturer’s conditions, you can always find the right service.


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Two kinds of factory audits are mostly requested, one is mainly to check the supplier or manufacturer’s general conditions, capability and its quality management system; the other is focused on whether they are socially and ethically compliant and responsible.

  • Simple Factory Audit

    This service is to get some basic facts of the vendor/manufacturer before placing an order. The service is one of the best solutions for customers with limited budget. It is aimed to avoid scams, understand whether you are dealing with an agent or a manufacturer and get a basic idea of their capability and quality control system.

    Factory’s basic profileProduction facilities statusExperience in your productsDaily and monthly outputOrganization and manpowerQuality system basicsQuality of samples

  • Extensive Factory Audit

    Extensive Factory Audit is a 2.0 version of simple factory audit, looking deeper into the factory’s conditions, capabilities and full quality control system. It is more detailed and comprehensive, and is recommended for most cases, especially when you are placing a valuable order or planning for a long-term business relationship.
    Factory profile: business name, address, founding date, ownership, registered capital, organization chart, contact details, certificates, etc.
    Facilities and manufacturing processes: office, production areas, production lines, machines and equipment, processes
    Experience:main markets, trade history, featured customers, samples
    Production capacities: daily and monthly output
    Manpower: count of management, administration, R&D staff, QC, workers
    Sample checking: Quick check of samples similar to the desired product
    Quality system:a comprehensive investigation of factory’s quality system

  • Social Compliance Audit: SA8000, BSCI Audit, WRAP Audit

    To make sure that your factory is socially and ethically compliant and responsible, and identifies specific areas of deficiencies that require improvement. Then, you can understand whether it is appropriate to work with them and whether you would be proud to declare them as partners.
    Our social compliance audit services include but not limited to SA8000 Audit, BSCI Audit, WRAP Audit, SEDEX Audit, ITCI Audit, COC Audit.

    Though slightly varied, these audits usually focus on

    Compliance with labor laws Working hoursSafety and health Freedom of Association Harassment or Abuse Environmental protection Discrimination Dormitories Compensation and BenefitsForced laborChild labor

  • Pre-Audits for Retailer-specific Compliance

    Branded retailers usually have their own social compliance requirements and to comply with these requirements is an imperative to be entitled on their vendors’ list. Veriquality can help prepare for a formal audit of the retailer by conducting by a pre-audit following the retailer-specific audit criteria. By doing so, further corrections can be made for failures identified, saving you money and providing you peace of mind.

    Walmart Factory AuditTesco Factory AuditTarget Factory AuditSears-Kmart Factory AuditDisney Factory AuditKOHLS Factory AuditJCpenney Factory AuditCostco Factory AuditMattel Factory AuditStaple Factory AuditCarrefour Factory Audit

Sustainable results.

  • Save time & secure money

    Our audit services make sure you are dealing with a real and legitimate vendor to avoid the risk of trade scam or fraud.

  • Avoid trade commission

    Enable you to understand whether you are dealing with an agent or the manufacturer directly so as to avoid middleman commission.

  • Obtain additional guarantees

    Evaluate your supplier comprehensively to ensure they are able to deliver your goods with expected quality in time.

  • Foster continuous improvement

    Provide more insights into your supplier’s strengths and weaknesses and facilitate their continuous improvements

  • Maintain your image

    Protect your corporate image by ensuring your supply chain is socially compliant and worthy of your trust.

  • Support to branded retailers’ orders

    Assist and prepare your suppliers for getting approval from branded retailers, such as Walmart, Target, Carrefour…