Rattan Furniture Inspection Case Study


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Ultimately cheap furniture will break down easier, chip more frequently, and be more prone to rust. Cheap furniture without good quality monitoring during production.

What is good Rattan furniture?

1.  Highly Durable all-weather UV stabilized 100% PE rattan - The best outdoor synthetic material and the recommended grade for hot and cold climates. PE rattan is eco-friend as it is fully recyclable, unlike PVC and PU.

2. Thick rattan fibers. The high-quality thick rattan fibers which is almost 3-5 times the weight of low-grade rattan.

3. The aluminum frames on the furniture do not rust and combined with powder coating, the frames are well protected for long-term use. Aluminum is dearer than steel as a raw material which also reflects on the overall price of the product.

4. The fabrics should be used 230g to 250g polyester and they have a more luxurious feel and good durability compared to lower grades of fabric. Polyester fabric is suitable for outdoor use and the coating provides a showerproof layer to protect again light rain. Typically, the material is stitched over quality high-density foam filler cushions.

For the rattan furniture inspection, most production was operated manually. If without proper quality control at the production line, a high rate of defects will come out from the production. This is one inspection that was carried out on 2015-7-24. The shipment quantity is 180 pieces chairs and tables and the inspection sample size is 50 pieces found 9 pieces of major and 9 pieces of minor defects.

How to check the quality of rattan furniture?

1.      Check material meets the specification or not. The PE rattan thickness should meet the requirement.

2.      Check the cushions if the fabric and filling are good enough and test if comfortable or not.

3.      Check the frame is strong enough and well welded, and well painted. Etc.

4.      Check the painting quality

5.      Check the weaving quality of rattan.

6.      Check if the product well assembled

7.      Check the glass with safety marking and if any broken edges, or chipped marks.

The below photos were the defects 

1.Sharp point

2. Improper weaving

3. Broken metal tube


4. Crack of cap

5. Chipped mark at Rattan