Mobile Phone Inspection

Mobile phone inspection is also a part of our daily business, and thus we have accumulated reliable experience in both senior phone and smart phone inspections.


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Some common major and minor defects in mobile phone inspection include:
Appearance: Spots, color dots, scratches, flash mark, dent, deformation, blister/bubble, shrinkage, sink mark, contamination, peeling, discoloration, poor plating, voids, double print, light leakage, foreign material
Assembly: gap, mismatch, loose part, sink or stuck button, loose or stripped screw, poor contact of card slot, slanted lens/LCD
Function: button malfunction, display fault, noise of speaker/earphone, no wifi connection, no network connection, overheat, camera malfunction, charging problem, calling problem, inconsistent interface, unable to read TF card.

  • We can inspect at every stage throughout production:

    • Factory Evaluations
    • Pre-Production Inspections
    • During Production Inspections
    • Final Random Inspections
    • Container Loading Supervision

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