Printing and Packaging Inspection Service

By veriquality marketing team Source: Veriquality Inspection Service Co.,Ltd

With consumer-packaged foods, shoppers gravitate toward appealing packaging first and judge a brand by its cover. That’s why a leading retailer needed a process to monitor the quality of its key brands’ equity and packaging print. They were looking for ways to ensure consistent brand messaging, evaluate print quality and monitor and communicate color expectations. A print quality control in China was key to be part of sourcing packaging and printing product in China.

Sometimes, despite everyone's best efforts, quality issues rear their head and you need to take the appropriate action, quickly. That's where we can help. 

We provide independent Quality Control inspections through our dedicated QC team of Veriquality . Veriquality is set up as an independent entity in order to deliver a completely impartial and objective inspection service. We operate throughout China and can perform QC checks on your books and other consumer products, printing package at your supplier's factory. 

With specialist knowledge of printing, book and gift production, our experienced inspectors understand the types of issues that can arise and can suggest the most appropriate criteria and checking protocols for your products. Working from the appropriate sample size, based on international standards ISO 2859-1 and ANSI/ASQCZ1/4, we can help determine whether or not the product meets your specifications and quality expectations.   

Our Print Inspection enables mass production sample inspections to protect against errors on your packaging & printing. Inspect print, proofs, labels, cartons, in their printed formats against your approved artwork.

1. Compare your approved artwork to printed samples

2. Catch printer errors before a run even starts

-Ghosting /Hickeys/Smudges/Marks/Scratches/Piling/Dust/Mottling/Blemishes/Contamination/Picking/Ink Splatter

3. Onsite Test

- GSM check

-Moisture Test

- ISBN checking

-Corrugation check

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