Office Chair Inspection Checklist

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What 's involved for office chair inspection?

1. Examinationn of labelling and components check

2. Assembly check as instruction manual 

3. Measuremement 

4. Static load tests

5. Fatigue tests

6. Impact tests

7. Swivel tests

8. Stability tests

9. Visual inspection for workmanship

10. Packing and shipping verification

Iniitial inspection will include functionality, adjustability and safety, apperance of product. The inspection also need to verify the packing if strong enough to protect product.

Labelling and componets checks 

The marking and instructions of a chair need to meet the requirements of the standards. The standard also requires that the major components of the chair ( castros, gas springs, mechanisms, bases, fabrics and filling materials) have themselves been tested to relevant standards.


The standards sets out a complicated series of measurements each chair must comply with. These include ranges and adjustability required for ergonomic reasons, as well as dimensions and reated to stability.

Static Load Tests

The principle here is that relatively high forces are applied to a chair to test its strength in relation to loads of a magnitude that are considered likely to be only infrequently applied. The amount of force varies between test levels. It also varies according to the part of the chair being tested e.g. the seat, back or arms.

Fatigue Tests

The comcept of fatigue testing involves the repeat application of loads selected to simulate a " lifetime" of use. The fatigue tests could not be conducted during inspection. 

Impact Tests

An assessment of the durability of a chair is gained by subjectiong it to applications of the following impact events:

1. seat impact

2. back impact

3. arm impact

4. the drop test ( the whole chair is dropped onto one leg).

Onsite inspection will conduct seat impact test and whole chair dropped test.

Swivel Test

The chair is weighted down and swiveled back and forth 100,000 times. During inspection, we only check several cycles.

Stability Tests

The reawards overturning test assesses the tendency of a chair to tip over backwards when subject to specified vertical and horizontal forces.

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